Entrepreneurial mindset and Approaches

Shuvo Habib
5 min readJun 7, 2021

We make a connection when a spark ignites deep inside us and we act on it. This spark is present in all successful entrepreneurs, and it grows stronger and brighter with time. The genuine soul of an entrepreneur, and what he or she believes distinguishes them and makes them successful.

Follow or to be followed

‘Follow’ or ‘to be followed’?

Entrepreneurs are fundamentally less likely to ‘follow’ someone else’s rules since they are independent thinkers and resourceful problem-solvers, but they are more likely to breach ones that they believe limit them. Entrepreneurs aren’t great at working within constraints. They’re too preoccupied with finding fresh and exciting ways to accomplish their objectives and make a lot of money.

‘Living life on your terms’ should extend to the concept and creation of a business. If you have a strongly held, distinctive passion combined with inventive thinking and the will to succeed at any cost, it stands to reason that you will be a trailblazer looking for a new, better approach to produce or achieve.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes someone an entrepreneur and how they go about building a successful firm.

Rules are made to be broken

A broken Car

When you visit a website or read a marketing blurb for a product or service, you want to feel the genuineness and see something distinctive. You want to be able to sense the creativity and enthusiasm that is radiating off the page. It’s not very salty, and it adds something new and beneficial to the table.

In an ideal world, you’d like to see that you’re making rules that work for you, that you’ve considered in relation to what you’re trying to accomplish for your company and the larger benefit of your customers.

Your concept, your work, is completely dependent on your rules to support and propel it forward.



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